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Size Guide

Size Guide

  • All Breathe & Bark bandanas are secured with three durable snaps each ~1" apart.
  • We offer 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • We no longer are able to offer customized sizing.


3 snap back bandana



How to measure your pet’s neck:

Use a soft tape measure or a piece of string to measure your pet’s neck size. When measuring, it’s important to have at least two finger’s worth of room between the string and your pet’s neck. Bandanas typically should fit more loosely than your pet’s collar, but this depends on your preference.



How to choose your best size:

When selecting from one of our six sizes I always recommend sizing up! A larger bandana will typically look and sit better on your pet than one that is too small and tight. It’s also good to take into consideration if your pet is going to continue growing.


I offer six sizes:

The inches” designation represents where all three snaps securely close around the bandana. These snaps can be adjusted to fit a wider neck range and a more customized fit.


XS – 10” neck

  • Fits between size 8” – 12” neck
  • Common breeds include: cats, Yorkshire terriers, chihuahua, maltese, standard dachshunds


S – 14” neck

  • Fits between size 12” – 16” neck
  • Common breeds include: small puppies, mini Australian shepherds, mini goldendoodles, and corgis
  • *Kiara is always pictured wearing a size small. For reference she is a 20lb mini-goldendoodle with a 11-12” neck (depending on fur floofiness).


M – 16” neck

  • Fits between size 14” – 18” neck
  • Common breeds include: beagles, border collies, shelties, pitbulls and Australian shepherds, medium goldendoodles


L – 20” neck

  •  Fits between size 18” – 22” neck
  • Common breeds include: labradors, golden retrievers, standard goldendoodles, German shepherds and springer spaniels


XL – 22.5” neck 

  • Fits between size 20.5” – 24.5” neck
  • Common breeds include: Bernese mountain dog, great dane


XXL – 25” neck

  • Fits between size 23” – 27” neck
  • Common breeds include: Akita, malamute, great dane


This is just a general size guide. Please measure your pup for the best fit.

We no longer are able to offer customized sizes size everything is made in Thailand and shipped from the USA. Please feel free to direct message me @breatheandbark or email with any questions.

We want to make choosing the correct size stress free. If you select a size that doesn’t fit we gladly accept returns. Please just make sure you only let your pet wear the bandana for sizing purposes. Take a look at our return policy if you have any questions.


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