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Our Story

Hello pawls!

I’m Anna, the creator behind Breathe & Bark. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved three things; animals, being outside in nature, and anything DIY. With this brand, I’m incorporating all of my passions to give you a truly unique product!

Breathe & Bark was born in sunny Miami, Florida and really came alive in Bangkok, Thailand. My original home is Phoenix, Arizona. I’m always inspired by bright sunny colors, turquoise jewelry, and earth tones. You’ll see this reflected in the Breathe & Bark brand.


            Anna and Kiara temple steps


Through Breathe & Bark, my goal is to provide you with the highest quality Thai textiles. I hand select all fabrics locally – either from Chiang Mai or Bangkok.

By holding one of these exotic pieces I want to inspire you to #emBARKonAdventures with your dog. This could be as simple as going to a dog-friendly brunch spot with friends or encouraging you to take that hike with your four-legged pal in style. 

Through my Dog Blog (in the works) and Instagram page I also want to foster a pawsitive pet community where you can learn about and meet other cool dogs.

Giving back to animal rescues is very important to me. I studied Conservation Biology and Sustainability in college. Continuing to protect biodiversity and animals in need is very near and dear to my heart. There are 3 rescues I currently support in Thailand.

I love connecting with my customers and learning about the cool things you and your pup are up to!

Who knows what this pet project can grow in to!

Please follow along on our journey @breatheandbark and remember to #emBARKonAdventures

Anna & Kiara



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